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Career Transition For Dancers

Our program enables dancers to define their career possibilities while developing the skills necessary to excel in a variety of disciplines in order to thrive during all phases of their careers.

Founded in 1985, Career Transition For Dancers enables dancers to define their career possibilities and develop the skills necessary to excel in a variety of disciplines outside of dance.

Core program services include:

  • Career Counseling and Guidance Program
  • Scholarship and Grant Program

Dancers are also eligible to receive individual and group counseling services, referrals for healthcare and health insurance and, where eligible, access to emergency financial assistance.


For dancers interested in career counseling and guidance:

  • An active dancer must currently be working professionally (or withing the last 12 months) in the performing arts and/or entertainment industry OR
  • Currently be enrolled in a competitive dance/training/education program and intend to derive income as a professional dancer OR
  • Former dancers must have a minimum of seven years paid employment in the performing arts and/or entertainment industry with five years of earnings of at least $5,000 a year, OR
  • Dancers over 65 must be able to document that his/her primary life earnings were derived from the entertainment industry

For dancers interested in a scholarship or grant:

  • A professional dance career of 7 or more years (years need not be consecutive or current) within the past 20 years
  • 100 weeks or more of paid dance employment in the United States (US citizens with global dance experience inclusive)
  • Total gross earnings of a minimum of $56,000 (arrived at by combining the annual gross income of the 7 highest earning years within the past 20 years)
  • Document a financial need
  • Consultation with a Career Counselor, either in person or by telephone (depending on proximity to one of our offices)

For Assistance, Please Contact:

We provide assistance nationally. For more information and an application, please contact our regional office closest to you.

New York City
Patch Schwadron, Senior Career Counselor

Maryellen Langhout, Career Counselor

Los Angeles
Sophia Kozak, Career Counselor

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